Crazy Chester Music & Records (est. 2012)

Crazy Chester Music is a soul music company with a healthy dose of rock & roll, blues and Americana thrown in for good measure. Crazy Chester Music specializes in production, artist development, publishing and songwriting. Its goal is to create exciting new music and to preserve and spread the gospel of southern soul music and rock & roll. Crazy Chester is also a  information source for the soulful sounds of the American South. Crazy Chester Records is an independent record label that specializes in releasing and reissuing musical gems.

The name “Crazy Chester” was inspired by a character in the Band’s classic 1968 song “The Weight”. The Staple Singers and Aretha Franklin later both recorded soulful renditions of the song and it’s now an all-star jam session favorite. It is a tribute to the musical genius of Levon Helm, Rick Danko, Richard Manuel, Garth Hudson and Robbie Robertson who’s body of work defines American music.

Crazy Chester Music was founded by Andreas Werner in 2012 and is based out of Nashville, Tennessee with strong ties to Muscle Shoals, Alabama and Werner’s native country Switzerland.

Andreas Werner

producer and songwriter

Andreas Werner is the founder, owner and president of Crazy Chester Music. He grew up in Switzerland and discovered a love for southern American music early on in his life by listening to records and going to shows by American artists touring through Switzerland. His record collection grew steadily and now encompasses several thousand of the finest titles (and cover a couple of walls). He started playing the guitar in his early teens and soon after joined his first band, for which he would start writing and arranging songs, and later produce their recordings.

He’d gravitate towards the sounds coming of Muscle Shoals, Memphis, Macon, New Orleans and Nashville and on his journey he’d get to know many of the legendary and obscure musicians, songwriters and artists who created his most favorite records.  These connections made him want to move to Nashville to pursue a carreer in recording and writing soulful music, oftentimes collaborating with his new friends.

His goal is to make the records that don’t get created as much anymore, bringing back the soulful and timeless sounds of the 60s and early 70s while adding a modern, yet organic element.