Music Production

Crazy Chester’s core activity is the production of music…or making records, as we still like to call it. We’ll add an organic, soulful quality to your signature sound. It is important to us, that we can provide a natural and comfortable environment for the artists we’re working with. All our productions are highly collaborative team efforts with everybody involved contributing their unique talents. The interaction of the musicians is important to us, so our goal is to record as much as possible live on the floor. Our producer Andreas Werner makes sure that our artists will be able to display their full abilities and create a product that they’re highly satisfied with. We’re the kings of pre-production and very organized because we want you to get the most out of your studio time and experience. We’ll be happy to make the best possible record with you, for the budget that is available.

We’d like to produce your next recording project. Please get in touch with us to talk about it!

Songwriting & Publishing

Crazy Chester Music (BMI) is also a music publishing company for the songs of Andreas Werner. There are plans to add more songwriters to the roster in the future. Crazy Chester Music is also helping other songwriters to pitch their songs to artists and get their recordings placed in motion pictures, TV shows and the like.

Artist Development

With our vast knowledge of American music, our access to the best musicians, engineers and recording studios and our recources to get the best songs and songwiting collaborators, we are the ideal partner in helping upcoming artists and bands find their unique voice. We’ll provide a soulful environment and team for any singer or band to grow, learn, evolve and eventually find their uniquly own voice as an artist.

Come work with us and we’ll help you get where you want to get so your music is ready to excite a big audience!

Record Label

Crazy Chester Records is an independent record label that specializes in releasing and reissuing musical gems. It is what many call a boutique label. Its releases will mostly target a niche market of collectors and music fans. There are many gems lying in the vaults of Crazy Chester’s family’s vaults that could eventually see the light of day on the label. It is also made to make demo pressings and run limited edition of our collaborators with getting a record label deal in mind. Crazy Chester Records has digital and physical online distribution and partners with selected independent record stores and music outlets.

Do you own high quality unreleased masters and live tapes that are soulful? Get in touch with us. We’d love to listen to them!

Soundtrack Work

Crazy Chester Music custom produces songs and instrumental music for movies, TV, games, commercials and the like. It specializes in soulful and rootsy and is happy to tailor it towards any needs.

We are also doing music supervision for movies and TV. We’ll find and select the right songs that fit and enhance the mood of the scene. With our knowledge about music and the access to our crack team of songwriters and artists, we’ll be able to fulfill any need!

Get in touch with us if you need music for your film or visual project!

Soul Music Information Network

Crazy Chester is also a resource of soulful American music catering to an appreciative and ever growing  community of music lovers as well as industry people. We’ll talk about the most soulful independent artists, soul music related events and the news of the scene.


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